Our December

It’s hard to believe that in just 2 days 2012 will be over and 2013 will have started! This past month has been, as usual, a busy one for us. Rather than just writing out all that’s been happening, we thought we’d share some pictures from our month to help you gain a better picture. Enjoy!



Kelley teaches a baking class

Kelley taught a Christmas cookie baking class as an evangelism outreach.


Celebrations at the shelters

We held several Christmas celebrations at local shelters for women


Robin and Cindy's Engagement

Our dear friend, Cindy, got engaged to Robin! (Cindy picked us up at the airport the very first time we arrived in Taipei!)


Caroling in the Park

The International Community at Truth Church sang Christmas carols in a local park.


Pearl and her mom at the Christmas Eve service

Our former landlady, Pearl, and her mother joined us for our Christmas Eve service!


Kelley's small group sister getting baptized

A girl from Kelley’s small group was baptized!


Christmas with friends


We celebrated Christmas with great friends!


Kel and baby boy Schindler


We found out baby Schindler is a boy! (taken on Christmas Day)


3 day getaway in Eastern Taiwan

And, lastly we went away for 3 days after Christmas for some needed R&R 🙂

Food for Thought

This past week a missionary couple from Uganda visited our church. They run Watoto Children’s Ministries in the capital city of Uganda, and hearing them speak was a mix of being inspiried, challenged, and moved deep within the heart. They told numerous stories of the journey God had taken them on over the past 30 years of ministry, and as well shared personal stories of the people they live among and serve. What struck me most was the emphasis they place on “holistic ministry,” believing the spiritual and physical needs of a person cannot be separated. You cannot try to minister to the spiritual needs of a person while ignoring their physical needs. They emphasized that none of us have a ‘job’ per se, but rather as Christians we all have ‘callings’. Whether that ‘calling’ finds us in an office behind a desk, in a classroom in front of students, or in an orphanage holding babies, we are the Church called to reach out to the people right around us.

As we are praying and seeking God’s will for planting a non-traditional church among Taiwanese working class, these truths were excellent reminders for us. Our primary focus shouldn’t be on bringing these people into the walls of a church building, but rather intentionally bringing the Church to them every single day. It was good food for thought for us, and we hope challenging for you as well. I think the Christmas season is a perfect time to look around our communities and in our neighborhoods to find someone that we can be Jesus to. 🙂

And, to end this little post here is Baby Schindler at 20 weeks. Half-way there!!

20 Weeks