Thankfulness #11-#20

Things we are grateful for #11-#20

1. Bicycles that work! Erich’s bike had just about reached its last leg when he was given another bike for free from a church friend. Kelley’s was also broken last week, but is now fixed and running well.

2. Worship music. As we spend a lot of time on buses, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), etc. traveling to different places, to be able to listen to music is such a blessing as it encourages and speaks truth.

3. Chinese cell groups. We both now attend 2 Chinese cell groups. One is for leaders and is led by our Pastor and his wife, and in the other ones we are attenders. Each serve to challenge, grow, and help us in our Christian walk.

4. Fresh fruit drinks. On the little streets surrounding our apartment are several places to buy fresh fruit drinks, which are always a welcome treat. They’re healthy, refreshing, and delicious!

5. Cards from ‘home’. Email and Facebook are great tools for keeping in touch with family and friends around the world, but nothing beats a hand-written card from home (espcially when it’s handmade from your 8 year-old niece)!

6. A doctors visit is only $4 USD (including medicine!). With the weather changing drastically lately, it’s easy to catch colds. We’re so thankful for the good medical care in this country, and that it is cheap!

7. Family that is supportive and encouraging. Living so far away from family is hard, but we’re so thankful for our families who write, call, and pray for us. We couldn’t do this without their support!

8. Meals with old friends. Last Sunday we had dinner with two of our previous Chinese teachers. It was great to catch up with them, and be encouraged to hear from ‘the teacher’s mouth’ that our Chinese has greatly improved!

9. Nearby parks. Close to our apartment are two parks. They are a wonderful ‘escape’ from the busyness of city life.

10. A Taiwanese man riding pass us on his bicycle a couple times, each time yelling “Happy New Year!”, “Happy Birthday!”, most likely because that’s all he knew how to say in English 🙂

Taipei now has 10+ Percent Christians!






Dear Praying Friends,

Truth Church’s head pastor, Pastor Yang, just finished attending Taiwan-wide church leadership meetings, which have produced the following ambitious goals: 

By 2015 the Taiwan Church prayerfully commits to…

…raise the rate of Christians to 15% Taiwan-wide*

…send out 1,500 missionaries

…establish 1,500 church-to-church prayer networks

…raise birth and marriage rates island-wide

…lower abortion and divorce rates island-wide

What’s even more amazing is that these goals were formed across denominational lines. No longer do Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Independent, or other denominational distinctives divide the Church – the Taiwanese church is unified and carrying the Blessing to Abraham to the whole of the island and beyond!

How neat that we can be a part of this revival, and thanks for partnering with us and the Taiwanese church in prayerfully reaching these goals by 2015!

Erich and Kelley 

* The current percentage of Christians in Taiwan is just around 5% – Revival is truly happening, and the country is turning to Christ!


Schindler Update 2012_03_15


March 15, 2012

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! A highlight of the past month was having 2 weeks with Kelley’s mom as she visited with us here, and experienced our daily life up close.  Now that we are out of language school and into full-time Chinese-based ministry, it’s truly amazing what doors the Lord is opening for us. Some are direct answers to prayer, while others are unexpected but welcomed! We’re learning, growing, and being stretched in numerous ways. How thankful we are for God’s grace and presence with us each day!

How can you being praying for us?

  • Pray for Erich as he perseveres in his seminary studies. It is a big learning curve, as it’s completely in Mandarin, so pray for clear understanding and a solid grasp of the material. He’s also leading a new Christian, a cook from a working class background, in a one-on-one Bible study. Please pray for this man, Liang Sheng, to continue growing in the Lord, and for Erich to have the words to lead him to know God better.
  • Kelley’s been very busy serving at the Garden of Hope (check out our website for more details), and has been doing shelter ministry for the last month. Pray especially for Tang-Tang, a 17 girl who Kelley’s been meeting with one-on-one for prayer, counseling, etc. She’s a hurting girl, and searching for love and acceptance – pray she’ll find it in Jesus! Kelley’s also leading two Bible studies at the center headquarters – pray for wisdom as she leads them.

 Let’s praise the Lord together!

  • We have to move in a few weeks to a new apartment (our landlord is moving back in!). We have found an apartment we like and that is big enough for the 5 of us (we’ll keep living with our British housemates). Praise the Lord it’s a good location, price, and size, but please pray we get the ‘ok’ to rent it soon!
  • Two girls from ALPHA were baptized this past Sunday! It was touching to listen to their testimonies and hear about God’s work in their lives. Praise the Lord for these new disciples!

We couldn’t do what we do without the prayer, love, and support from you. Thank you for partnering together and for being such a blessing to us!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler

The Garden of Hope

The Garden of Hope is an organization offering help, care, and hope for women and girls who are under-privileged, who are victims of abuse, who have been trafficked, and/or who have been abandoned. It’s here where God has opened up many doors for me (Kelley) to serve through Bible studies, shelter ministry, teaching, and translation. Our church, Taipei Truth Church, has had a relationship with the Garden of Hope for some time, as others from the congregation have served there before, or are currently serving there. I feel extremely blessed to have been led here, and can already see myself growing as I get to serve, minister to, and love these needing people. Last week as I was visiting one of the shelters set up for teens coming from domestic violence, abuse, and abandoned backgrounds, I had the chance to talk one-on-one with a 17 year old girl, and share with her about the gift of prayer. I shared how God is listening to her too, and wants to be her help. At the end, I got to pray for her as well. It was a sweet time, and I trust the Lord is going to keep working not only in her heart, but the others as well.

Thanks be to God, for He is our Hope and ever present help in times of trouble! May these precious ones know that truth as well!

The Garden of Hope