North Taipei Temple


We wanted to share an evening shot we recently took of a temple in the northern part of Taipei. This is a common sight in Taiwan, and you can see several idols illuminated inside.

Please pray for the people of Taiwan to be freed from the binding superstitions of idol worship that control much of their daily lives, and for the light of the Gospel to illuminate more and more people’s lives here in Taiwan!


HD Video Post: Chinese New Year Celebrations

Dear Friends,

For Chinese New Year this year we got invited to our friend Robin’s family. We met up with him and then drove to his grandma’s apartment on the north side of Taipei (close to the National Palace Museum, if you’ve ever been there :). Robin’s whole family is Christian, which is very unusual for Taiwanese families. We celebrated the new year with a big feast, prepared by his grandma and aunties. After dinner we played Mahjong and watched TV until we left for home after midnight.

The whole night was marked by God’s love and Christian family harmony. Please pray with us for more Taiwanese families to know our God, who is the truest source of all family peace! The video below shows a neat part of Taiwanese family tradition, in which the children bless their elders, and then receive red envelopes stuffed with money in return! Even us guests received several red envelopes – how kind!

The video is in High Definition quality, so you might need to let them load for a little while before playing, depending on your internet speed. But then you can play them on “full screen” mode!

Erich and Kelley


Thankfulness #1-#10

Many of our friends who write blog posts dedicate one day a week to writing out a list of things they are thankful for. It’s always an encouragement to read and a good reminder to take a step back and reflect on God’s goodness. So, we’re going to follow in their footsteps and have a blog post on ‘thankfulness’ each week. Enjoy!

Things we’re grateful for #1-#10

  1. Family who travels countless hours and miles to visit us (thanks Jan and Lukas!)
  2. Familiarity of our neighborhood and ‘friends’ (street vendors, tea shop workers, etc.) that we see every day
  3. Our Taiwanese brothers and sisters who accept us as one of their own
  4. Housemates who are like family
  5. Prayer partners
  6. Speaking Chinese becomes easier and more fluent each day
  7. Skype to keep in touch with friends and family 
  8. A laundromat 5 minutes away so we can have dry jeans in January (in January and February it can take days for clothes to dry outside!)
  9. A special sheet and mattress cover that have helped our allergies immensely
  10. The fact that today is January 19th and it’s almost 70 degress outside (unusal for sure, but so welcomed!)

Schindler Update 2012_01_18

January 18, 2012

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei and Happy 2012! We’re only a little more than halfway through the month of January, but it’s already been a busy couple of weeks for us. We welcomed Erich’s mom and brother to Taiwan on January 5th, and had a wonderful 11 days together. We visited many places, met with lots of people, attended our church, played games, and ate lots of good food! We’re so thankful for the time together. Now, it’s less than one week until the Chinese New Year. This week we’re getting caught up on things, meeting with people, and doing various church activities before the New Year’s Eve on Sunday, after which Taipei will become like a ghost town, as most people return south for the week to be with family.

How can you being praying for us?

  • January 30 – February 4 we will be participating in a conference called “Kingdom Culture”, taking place in the south of Taiwan. Please pray for us to be refreshed and encouraged, as well as to hear from the Lord.
  • We have prayerfully been considering what ministries to explore and invest in, now that we are out of full-time language school. As a February, Erich will be joining the staff at Truth Church as a full-time church co-worker serving in the “mercy ministry’’ department, as well as continuing his studies at China Evangelical Seminary.  Kelley will serve 3 days/week at a center which serves abused and battered women, women caught in sex-trafficking, and teen moms, and 1 day/week doing translation for church and serving in the local orphanage. We are both thankful for God’s leading, and for these opportunities to serve Him!

Let’s praise the Lord together!

  • Kelley’s ALPHA group has continued meeting weekly,  and 2 girls are going to be baptized in March. Their names are Cherry and Yu Rong. Please pray for continued spiritual growth for them.
  • Our former landlady, Pearl, came to church on Christmas Eve and then to our home for a meal. We’ve been able to spend more time with her recently, and have seen God working. Pray that she’ll soon come to know the one true and living God!

We wish you all the peace and joy of Jesus as we begin this New Year!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler


ALPHA Was Just a Beginning!

Even though our Fall season of Bilingual ALPHA ended at the end of November, it was truly just a time of beginning for many people. During the season we had 11 small groups that participated in the course. And, of those groups 9 (!!) are continuing to meet weekly as regular Truth Church small groups. My (Kelley’s) group is one of those 9 groups. For the last 2 weeks on Friday night 4-5 girls have gathered together on the 6th floor of a building, in a teeny-tiny (very cold!) apartment, and we have small group. We sing, share, learn together about Jesus, and pray for one another. It has been such a blessing to watch these girls, who a couple of months ago had no idea who Jesus was, excitedly ask questions with childlike faith, sing praises to God, and pray sweet prayers to our Father. We are reading/studiyng a book entitled, “Begin Your New Life”, and in February 2 of these girls are going to be baptized– Praise God! I thank God for the opportunity to help lead this group and be a part of His Kingdom work in Taiwan!

The picture below is of the girls. The 2 in the front are the ones who are going to be baptized. Small Group Girls