Video of Aug 20 Transition Art Market Pre-ALPHA Event

Dear Friends,

Our last major Pre-ALPHA event occurred just yesterday. It involved several outdoor mini-concert by the band Transition (whose members attend our cell groups), along with an Art Market featuring hand-made jewelry, photographs and postcards for sale, as well as lots of hand-baked cookies made by our 2 international cell groups. Our Zone* at Truth Church had especially been praying for fair weather that afternoon, as it often rains here during the day this time of year. The Lord responded graciously by giving us a wonderfully clear sky, along with some some cloud cover to protect us from direct sunlight! Beyond this, He brought lots of passers-by to stop, listen to the great music, and chat with the Christians present. As a result of these encounters, over 25 Taiwanese people signed up for our upcoming Bilingual ALPHA Course on the spot, and we heard lots of people sharing about ALPHA with new friends.

Below is a short video to bring the event nearer to you. May we all catch the ALPHA Spirit, which is the generous Spirit of Jesus, inviting all of us to know the Father more!

Many thanks for standing behind all of us in prayer as we prepare for the upcoming ALPHA Course!

For, as 20th century pastor S.D. Gordon put it so rightly,

“Prayer is the real work of the ministry.
Service is just gathering in the results of prayer.”

* What do we mean by “Truth Church Zone”? Well, we happen to attend an unusually large church by Taiwanese church standards. Over 2,500 Taiwanese people attend 4 weekend services at Taipei Truth Church. Because of the size, the church is sub-divided into 10 Zones, each one headed up by a Zone Pastor and Pastor’s Wife – in our case, Pastor Moses and Joyce. About 200 people call our Zone ‘home’, including the 20-ish Foreigners (mostly British and American) that attend Truth Church. We love our Zone because the smaller group allows us to get to know our Taiwanese Sisters and Brothers more closely. These dear friends have over the years become our family, and a home away from home.


Recent Events

Hi Friends,

We wanted to take a quick moment to update everyone on our life recently. It’s hard to believe, but our 2-year period of intensive Chinese language study is coming to an end tomorrow! For a quick bit of trivia, we’ve now spent over 1,300 hours in class, under 7 different teachers teaching though 8 textbooks, studying over 6000 characters, plus over 1000 idioms. To be honest, we’re pretty tired of class, and are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us this period of concentrated study.

With our class ending, here are some of the things we believe the Lord is calling us to fill our time with:

  • Kelley will volunteer at a local orphanage several days a week, helping feed and change 10 Taiwanese orphan babies, all less than 1 year old. As they are all at-risk for HIV, she hopes to assist in taking them to the hospital for checkups.
  • Erich will begin his studies at a local Taiwanese seminary, taking only 1 class at first to adjust to the workload. He’s looking forward to the challenge of reading large volumes of Chinese in his textbooks, and writing papers in Chinese. Please pray for him in this 🙂
  • A new season of Bilingual ALPHA is starting September 16! But before that we’ve got a massive Pre-ALPHA event planned for this Saturday. It’s an outdoor Art Market, featuring the upcoming band Transition (ok, one of the band members is our house mate). Please pray with us for good weather, and for many Taiwanese people to sign up for the ALPHA Course on the spot!

As we’re currently in the Taiwanese Ghost Month, we see a lot of scenes like the one below. The 2 pictures were taken right outside our language school, where the office staff was offering food to appease the hungry ghosts roaming the country. If you have a minute you can also check out the video about the Taiwanese Ghost Month below. Please stand alongside us in prayer for Revival in Taiwan!
  – Erich and Kelley


Click here to view a video the missions organization OMF created about the Taiwanese Ghost Month.

Something's changed!

Hi Friends,

You might have noticed that our website has grown… wider. This change is to create more space for content and sidebar features, and will hopefully make your browsing experience more comfortable and informative.

We’re still testing these changes to make sure everything’s working correctly. If our website displays incorrectly, or you have any suggestions regarding these changes, please drop us a note via email or this site’s contact form.

Thanks so much!
Erich and Kelley 

Love to Fly pre-ALPHA outing

How does the old saying go? The more the merrier, right? Well, that was certainly the case this past Saturday as around 100 people (about half non-Christians) loaded onto several buses and took off for a day outing in a suburb part of Taipei City. The purpose of this outing was to have a day where Christians could invite their non-Christians friends and family to a “church event” but outside the church building in a relaxed, fun, and friendly environment. And, a important part of the day was at the end where we introduced the Bilingual ALPHA course starting in September and invited everyone to join. It was a wonderful day, full of games, team building, food, candle making, leaf printing, singing, sharing, and making new friends. We thank God for giving us such a great outing and look forward to seeing who will join in this next season of ALPHA!

Eating Lunch Together

Kelley Singing on the Worship Team
Erich's Leaf Printing

Schindler Update 2011_08_07

 August 7, 2011

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! Today in church we celebrated Father’s Day. Taiwan’s Father’s Day is August 8th because “ba” is the word for both the number “8” and “father” in Chinese. So, what better day to celebrate than “ba ba” (the 8th day of the 8th month)? Because this culture is very people oriented, families that are non-church going are often willing to come on special days like these if their children or friends invite them. It was wonderful to see the church full of many new faces, and to be reminded of the great love our Heavenly Father has for each of us.

How can you being praying for us?

  • We are down to the final stretch of full-time language classes– only 10 more days of class! Pray we will finish strong and continue using our language ability for God’s glory.
  • With the end of full-time language classes comes the opportunity for more focused ministry and immersion into Chinese culture. The Lord has been opening doors in terms of orphanage ministry, small group service, seminary classes, etc. Please pray for continued direction and wisdom as we make decisions.

Let’s praise the Lord together!

  • We’ve had two wonderful pre-ALPHA events over the last month, with each having many non-Christians in attendance! Pray for many of these Seekers to sign up for our Fall Bilingual ALPHA course, and for them to come into a saving relationship with Jesus.
  • Erich continues to have weekly opportunities to meet with non-Christians guys, most of whom are former classmates. This was something he was praying for, and we are so thankful to God for answering his prayer and for the relationships he’s building.

We want to say a special thank you to all of our financial supporters. We are incredibly blessed by your faithful giving, especially in the midst of difficult financial times. It’s a privilege to serve our Lord together!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler

Kelley as Translator

Dear Friends,

As our Chinese has been improving over the last 2 years, we have been gradually moving into translation roles. Recently, Pastor Moses asked Kelley to begin translating the Sunday service from Chinese into English for the benefit of the Western foreigners in our Taiwanese congregation who don’t understand Chinese. Besides this, we often have the chance to translate for people during outings and other church events.

The video below is of Kelley, translating for our new missionary arrivals, Dillon and Caty.

Thanks so much for your ongoing prayers for our Chinese language learning. It’s a long process, but each step along the way allows us to more effectively communicate God’s love to our Taiwanese friends!

And when you come visit us, we’ll be pleased to translate for you as well 😀