Risk Taking

Dear Friends,

About 2 weeks ago, I (Erich) joined a group of guys from our church, and went river tracing south of Taipei. Basically this involved picking your own path following a branch of the Xin Dian river upstream. Sometimes the water was shallow and fast, at other times deep and calm. It was a sunny day, so dipping into the cold water felt great!

Towards the end of our short adventure, we came upon a man-made waterfall. The water below seemed deep enough, so we decided to jump off the edge. It took some courage to make the first jump. But after the initial shock, the water below sure felt great!

This got me thinking about risk-taking. As I thought back on our short missionary career I recounted some of the big risks it took for us to get to the place we are today. Among these are:

  • following God’s leading to long-term service in Taiwan, instead of North Africa (which very much surprised us, as we’re sure it did others too!)
  • trusting the Lord to help us raise the support needed to begin our long-term missionary service in Taiwan in just 4 months!
  • selling all our belongings except some clothes, books, and laptop, to move halfway around the world to embark on an adventure of loving those different from ourselves

We were not guaranteed success for taking any of these risks. But we know for certain how deeply we would have regretted not having taken them in favor of a more safe and comfortable life.

If you are in the place we were a few years ago, with God asking BIG things of you, take courage! Living in the center of His will is the best place to be, after all – even if getting there feels like jumping off a 30 foot waterfall.

My dad commented on the below video:
“Looks like you had a lot of fun jumping down that waterfall.
  It’s almost a metaphor for the Christian life.”

– We couldn’t agree more 😀


Our daily bike ride to Chinese class

Dear Friends,

In hopes of giving you all a better window into our daily life we have video recorded our daily bike ride to our Chinese school. We apologize up front for the bumpy ride you are about to begin, but hope that riding with us will give you a better idea of our surroundings. Right now we are in Chinese class from 12:00pm – 3:00pm every weekday afternoon, with a few hours of additional homework every day. Studying Chinese at this intensive level is already opening up many doors for ministry among Taiwanese people, and we thank the Lord for our progress!

Thanks for all your prayers and for showing interest in our lives and ministry!

Erich and Kelley


Our God answers prayer!

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share some recent prayer requests the Lord has answered with a YES.

Our church is currently in a 40-day prayer and fasting season, which is something we corporately do 3 times a year. This means that each member is encouraged to fast 1 meal a day, and donate the money saved to our church’s cafeteria, which serves meals to poor people for free. While the idea of a church-wide fast might seem unusual to our Western mindset, it actually makes a lot of sense here in a collectivist, hierarchical culture. It’s refreshing for us to experience such unity in the church body, as it’s a great encouragement to fast and pray together.

One of the things we have been praying for during the last few weeks is our finances. As you know, we are $400 under-supported monthly, which always makes itself felt when our tuition payment for our Chinese classes comes around every 3 months. It’s about that time again, and we have been praying for the Lord to provide some additional funds to meet this need. Also, our computer is about 4 years old now, and getting very slow, so we were praying for the funds to purchase a new one in the Fall.

You can imagine our excitement when we received notice that one of our supporters had given us a $1,000 gift for our recent Birthday! In addition, another friend gave us a $600 gift! Their generosity makes it possible to pay for our next quarter of tuition. Praise the Lord with us for His kindness – He is a God of power who answers prayer!

As to the computer, our home church in the US, Mount Calvary Church of Elizabethtown, recently gave us $1,000 in extra support towards a new computer. We are so grateful for a church family that cares about the needs of their missionaries!

Thanks to all of you who pray for us regularly, and who give to the Lord’s work here in Taiwan!!

Erich and Kelley

Come worship with us at Truth Church!

Below you’ll find a video that gives you a window into Truth Church during their Sunday morning worship time. It’s always a joy for us to worship together with our Taiwanese brothers and sisters, and to see their love for Jesus. Most of them have come out of traditional Buddhist backgrounds, so participating in worship with our Taiwanese family in Christ is such a testimony to the transformational power of our Lord. To God be the Glory!

At the very beginning you’ll notice the worship leader telling us to say something to the people around us. This is an encouraging part of almost every service. What he says in the video is: “Tell your neighbor: Let’s glorify our God together!”


Video is back!

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to report that our site’s video content is back online. For those interested in the technical solution, I switched from using Kaltura’s video hosting service to using the SWF Tools plugin for Drupal, which allows us to host our video content on our own server.

Thanks for your patience as we got this sorted out, and please check back often for fresh video content 😀

Erich and Kelley

Video issue

Dear friends,

Due to restrictions set by the service we use to host video for this website, our videos are currently not available. I (Erich) am working hard on getting our videos back up and running as soon as possible.

Hope you understand – thanks for your patience!

Schindler Update 2010_07_03


July 3, 2010 

Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings from hot and very humid Taiwan! Today is a beautiful Saturday, full of bright sunshine and right around 100 degrees.  Erich is out on a river tracing adventure with his Chinese cell group members today, and I am organizing things around the house, catching up on emails, and then out to spend the day with a dear friend. It is hard to believe 2010 is already half way over- where does the time go?
June was another full and busy month. We are continuing to be challenged in our learning of the Chinese language, but are thankful as it isn’t as much “work” as it used to be, but comes more naturally day after day. But we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of knowing 6,000 characters (we are currently at about 4,000). Thanks to be God for His daily help and strength to accomplish all that we need to do!

Prayer Requests:

  • The number of Western co-workers at  Truth Church is growing (praise!), so please join us as we are seeking the Lord’s will for new ministries to start at the church. We have many ideas, but need wisdom in knowing which ones would be most strategic in reaching the Taiwanese for Christ.  
  • We have 3 wonderful classmates this quarter of study, one Indonesian, one Japanese, and one Korean. The Indonesian is a strong Christian, but both the Japanese and Korean are not believers. Kelley has started meeting weekly with the Japanese to help her learn some English, so pray that time together might open doors for sharing about Christ.  
  • Please pray for our monthly support need of $400 to be met. 


  • On June 22nd we welcomed 2 couples from the States to Taiwan. They will all be working as teachers, but are also looking for areas to serve and minister during their time in Taiwan. Praise the Lord for these new relationships and for His bringing more co-workers to serve together!
  • On July 1st, we celebrated our birthdays. We were overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown to us by our Taiwanese and Western friends alike. So thankful for the Lord’s provision for a “family” away from home.

It is a blessing to have a strong network of prayer warriors and supporters interceding on our behalf – thank you for partnering with us in His Kingdom work! 

For the Glory of God,

Erich and Kelley Schindler