Exciting Times at Truth Church!

Last evening we had our 3rd week of our Bilingual Alpha Course. We had 38 Seekers in attendance, and enjoyed a great evening together. One of our British co-worker, Hannah, led everyone in an English speaking activity called, “Tasty Topics”, in which we used the different colors of M&M’s and Skittles to share different things about ourselves. Following that John (American co-worker) and Julianne (British co-worker) performed the 3rd part of a 10-week long skit that led us into Ellie’s (British co-worker) message on the topic “Why Jesus had to Die”. The final part of our evening was discussion group time, where we listened to and discussed the Seekers responses to the evening’s topic. 

In addition to many Taiwanese Seekers coming, this season the Lord has also brought us people from different countries. Because their Chinese is not good enough to discuss in Chinese, Kelley leads an English speaking discussion group for them. These Seekers include one girl from the Zambia who was born Muslim, a girl from the Czech Republic, a girl from Peru, and another girl from St. Kitts and Nevis. They are all very open and willing to discuss things about the Bible, and each week we’ve had a great time together. Pray their hearts and eyes continue to be opened!

To God be the Glory- GREAT things He is doing!!

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