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Dear Friends,

Did you know that our team of English co-workers maintains a 3E ALPHA blog that is updated weekly during the course of each 3E ALPHA season? The blog can be found at: The larger site actually functions as a recruitment tool that is intended to invite new co-workers from English speaking countries to join our ministry here. Currently there are at least 6 people from the US planning on joining our work here in Taipei this Summer.

Here’s an excerpt from the latest post: “To all our Dear Friends who follow our 3E Ministry here in Taipei,

We are excited to announce that the Spring season of our 3E ALPHA ministry at Truth Church will begin this February 28. We will kick off the season by inviting prospective 3E participants on a one-day outing with our church zone. This will allow us to…” click here to continue reading.

As always, thanks to everyone who is tracking with us, and lifts us up in prayer! It’s a great privilege to participate with you in God’s Kingdom work here in Taipei!

Erich and Kelley

Back in Taiwan: Future Outlook

Dear Friends,

After a wonderful few weeks with Erich’s family we have finally returned to Taiwan today. Everything went well with the flights – thanks to those who were praying for us!

You will probably be wondering what the next year holds for us. Here are some details:


  • We’re very excited to announce that a new season of our 3E ALPHA Ministry begins this March! The time has changed to Friday evenings, and we have lots to do in preparation before we launch. During our home assignment several new English teachers joined Truth Church, so we will be working with some of them to set up the new course together.
    Please pray for good cooperation and planning. We are going to heavily promote the course, so please also begin praying for our new friends already, who don’t know the love of Christ yet!
  • The Chinese New Year is in mid-February so our next quarter of language classes will not begin until after the New Year celebrations. But, we have weeks of characters to learn and memorize that we missed classes for due to our home assignment, as well as a lot of writing review from our past 1 1/2 years of study (that’s about 2,000 Chinese characters!). So, lots of self-study time will be happening over the next few weeks.
    Please pray for motivation and perseverance in our studies. We are planning to switch to a more intensive program for the duration of our studies, so pray over the next few weeks we can get to a place where we feel ready and well prepared to begin classes again.
  • We’ll continue to host and co-lead a small group for native English speakers that attend Truth Church. During the months we were away 4 new friends arrived, and we are awaiting 5-6 more people coming in the summer. So, getting to know them, caring for their spiritual needs, connecting them to the Taiwanese Church, etc. will all be things we’ll be doing this year.
    Please pray for good relationships to form among the group and for wisdom in leading the group, especially as we are growing in numbers.
Many thanks and blessings for your faithful prayers and support on behalf of the Lord’s work here in Taipei!


Erich with his best friend, Jonas

Visiting Erich's family in Germany

Hi Everyone,

If you’re like us, you entered the New Year full of gratitude to our Lord for His faithfulness and abundant blessings in 2009. One of the things we are most thankful for are our families. Since we live far away from our parents and siblings most of the time, it’s extra special to get to see them when we can! Here are a few pictures of our time in Germany (in the small town of Sprockhoevel, to be exact :-), visiting with Erich’s side of the family.

Taking a walk in the snow

Here you can see us taking a walk in the snowy woods nearby the town that Diet and Jan live in. We had a great time of talking and laughing, and returned home after an hour – freezing cold! At home we made a fire in the fireplace.

Snowy Germany
This picture shows the snow-covered fields outside of Sprockhoevel. The fields are used for farming in the summertime, or as pastures to graze horses on. The large amount of snow we got this Winter is unusual, even for this more northern part of Germany.
A typical German breakfast

Here you can see the food we are enjoying each day. The rolls are called “Broetchen” (literally: little breads), and come in a variety of kinds. What’s not in the picture is the jam and Nutella 🙂

We will be in Germany until January 18, when we return to Taipei for continued Chinese language school and ministry.

Hope you all are doing well and continue to experience our Lord’s nearness in 2010!

Love in Christ,
Erich and Kelley

Schindler Update 2010_01_04

January 4, 2010 

Dear faithful supporters,

Happy New Year 2010! As this is being written we are in beautiful Germany for a three week visit with Erich’s family. It’s been a couple years since we’ve all been together, so we are enjoying this special time! We fly home to Taipei on January 18th, and while we are having a good home assignment, we are both very excited to return to our church, language school, and friends.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our home assignment has kept us very busy, and while it has been good reconnecting with family, friends, and supporters, it has left us both very exhausted. Pray that our remaining time in Germany can be restful and refreshing, so we are ‘ready to go’ when we return to Taiwan.
  • We are planning on applying to a different language school for our next season of Mandarin Chinese studies.  Pray for us to get accepted if that is where God would have us, and for perseverance in studying as this school will be more intensive.
  • Please pray for our monthly support need of $500 to be met.


  • We were able to meet with many family members, friends and supporters in 4 states during our home assignment. We had opportunities to speak about ministry in Taiwan over 11 times to various groups. Praise the Lord for all the connections He gave us!
  • One of those connections was meeting with 3 students of our Alma Mater, Columbia International University, who are planning on moving to Taiwan this year. Please pray that they will join our 3E Ministry if that is the Lord’s will.
  • Praise the Lord for safety in travels as we have flown 10 times since leaving Taiwan, and have driven many miles.

As always, thank you for all your prayers, love, and support you give to us.

We anticipate seeing the Lord do great things in 2010, and look forward to continuing our partnership with you as we serve the Lord in Taiwan together.

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler

Home Assignment – looking back

Dear Friends,

As you probably know, we are on our last leg of a 2 1/2 month home assignment in the US and Germany. On December 28 we arrived safely in Düsseldorf, Germany, where Diet and Jan Schindler, Erich’s parents, live. Here we are enjoying a much-needed break from the busyness of the past weeks. However busy, we feel that our time in the US was fruitful in raising new prayer- and financial support for our ministry in Taipei. Recapping our time in the US,…

  • we shared about our ministry in Taiwan in 12 different settings
  • we visited 4 different States
  • we met with 3 people who are most likely moving to Taiwan this year, and will hopefully join our ministry
  • the Lord graciously provided for several hundred dollars in additional monthly support – a big THANKS to those who raised their support levels or took us on for new support!!

From here in Germany we fly back to Taipei on January 18. Until then we will continue enjoying time with Erich’s family (his sister Monica and brother Lukas will be here until Jan. 9) and rest up before another busy season of Chinese school and ministry.

Please pray

  • for us to be able to emotionally recharge before returning to Taipei on Jan. 18
  • for our application to a more intensive Chinese school to be accepted (we would like to up our classroom hours from 2 to 3 hours a day, starting in March)
  • and for the Lord to continue raising our support to the needed $2,400
As always, thanks so much for tracking with us, and for upholding us in prayer!!
For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley