3E ALPHA Course is halfway over!

Dear friends,

Not sure if you knew this, but we maintain a separate 3E ALPHA Ministry blog, along with our other English co-workers. We just posted some pictures about our past 3E ALPHA course, which you can view by clicking here: http://crossing7.com/taiwan/3e-alpha-passing-the-halfway-mark.

The past 6 weeks of 3E ALPHA have been a real blessing, as we have learned how to work better as co-workers, and have seen God begin His work in the hearts of several of our new friends. 

As always, we send out a big THANK YOU to all who track our blog, and pray for us!

– Erich and Kelley

Eating out in Taipei

While taking a stroll through our favorite night market, called Shi Da night market, Kelley remarked that all the things that seemed really strange to us when we first moved to Taipei 3 years ago seems so normal to us now. Eating out is a case in point. A Taiwanese night market is basically a series of narrow streets jam-packed with food vendors selling all kinds of strange and delicious foods. Most days we walk past stands selling pig’s blood sticks dusted with peanut sauce, chicken behinds, sea cucumber, barbecued whole squids on a stick, and other delicacies… But since the alleys are so narrow, it’s hard to get all the ingredients to the food vendors by truck. So here’s how they are transported:
Motor bike transporting food
Here is a typical Taiwanese meal, consisting of fried tofu squares, some fried egg noodles, and soup with processed fish balls. It costs around 2 US dollars, and although it’s not the healthiest food, it’s really tasty!
Here’s a close up of the fried tofu. This is not the stinky kind, but if you come visit us, we’ll be sure to get stinky tofu together. Just tell us the date đŸ™‚
Lunch close-up


Fun Times with Friends

Recently, we’ve done a lot of celebrating with our friends, Western and Taiwanese alike. Every Saturday afternoon at our 3E Alpha we celebrate the chance to meet new friends and learn about Jesus together. We talk, sing songs, play games, and discuss truths from the Bible.  Then,  two weekends ago, Taiwan celebrated a big festival- The Moon Festival. This festival is traditionally celebrated with an outdoor BBQ, but due to the weather (remember, that was the weekend 2 typhoons were looming around Taiwan),  we had to move our BBQ indoors, using small, table-top gas grills. But, it was great fun to celebrate this holiday with new and old friends together.

Then, this past Friday we had another get together with other missionary friends in Taipei to celebrate the 10/10 holiday (October 10th is the day Taiwanese celebrate their independence), as well as attended a karaoke birthday party at night for our British friend, Geoff. We started singing around 9:30p.m. and ended shortly after 1 a.m.- good times! Then, Saturday was another busy day as our good friend and former co-teacher (Canadian) married his Taiwanese girlfriend of 7 years! The ceremony took place in a little chapel on the top of a mountain, and then the reception was held in a beautiful restaurant in Taipei. So, as you can see, in addition to school and ministry at church, we’ve stayed quite busy recently. We’re so thankful to have a family here to celebrate and enjoy good times with!

Friends at 3E Alpha Moon Festival BBQ Karaoke Friends

Schindler Update 2009_10_05

October 5, 2009

Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings from rainy and windy Taipei! As many of you know this side of the world has recently been getting hit with typhoons and earthquakes. Fortunately, so far Taiwan has not suffered any recent damage from the typhoons, just a lot of rain and wind. But we did have a rather large earthquake (6.1) early Sunday morning originating from the Eastern part of the island. We are praying for protection, especially as most of the island is still recovering from the August 8th typhoon that damaged the southern parts of Taiwan. 

Prayer Requests: 

  • We have completed 3 weeks of our Bilingual Alpha Course at church. We have around 30 Seekers attending each week. Pray for their hearts to be opened to Jesus and for solid relationships to form between them and us co-workers.
  • Our Chinese studies are going very well. We are daily being challenged and are so thankful for the many avenues we have to practice what we are learning. Pray for a clear understanding as we continue to learn this difficult language.



  • Through the Lord’s provision, we have received the needed funds to cover our travel expenses for our upcoming home assignment. A very BIG thanks to all who gave to help with this need!
  • Erich has recently been spending time with two non-Christian Taiwanese guys, Wilson and William. They are both very open to Christianity, so please pray that he can be a strong witness and example in their lives.

As we anticipate our home assignment beginning next month, we are getting very excited to see many of you.. If you are interested in seeing us, please email us with some possible dates. The sooner the better, as our schedule is already filling up! Here is a brief outline of where we will be:

November 10: Fly from Taipei to Columbia, SC.
November 10-14: Columbia, SC- Visiting supporters, friends, and our Alma Mater
November 14-30: Wheaton, IL/Milwaukee, WI- Visiting Erich’s extended family, as well as supporting churches
December 1- 28: Pennsylvania- Visiting Kelley’s family, our home church, friends and supporters
December 28-January 18: Germany- Visiting Erich’s family and friends

Please let us know how we can be praying for YOU!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler