Our Taiwanese Son

We are in the midst of a very busy week, but wanted to post something for our readers 🙂 We were looking at some recent pictures and found this one. For those of you who don’t know, 6 months ago we became God-parents when this little one came into the world. His English name is Joel, and his parents have been dear friends of ours since we first moved to Taiwan 3 years ago. Being asked to be God-parents here does not carry the same responsibilities as it does in other countries. Here in Taiwan it is seen as being spiritual parents for the child. So, we felt quite honored to be asked. He only lives 10 minutes away from us, so we frequently visit him and pray for him. We have a running joke with the parents that they only asked us because we would be free English teachers for their son 🙂 They insist this is not the case…. Anyways, see below for a cute picture of our boy. This was taken last week right after Kelley fed him mashed pumpkin. 


3E's back and better than ever!

Next Saturday, the 19th, is the kick-off for another 11 week season of our 3E English outreach ministry. Since the last season ended in June, we’ve been working hard along with our Pastor and other co-workers to re-structure our outreach so that it can best serve its purpose: sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who don’t yet believe.  If you’ve been tracking with our blog, you’ll know that throughout the last 3 months, while 3E Classroom was taking a break for the summer, we both were serving as co-workers in our church’s Chinese Alpha course. Throughout these months we saw first hand how the “Alpha” model is a very strategic way to introduce the Taiwanese people to Jesus. In case you are wondering exactly what Alpha is, here is what Alpha stands for: 

A: Anyone Interested (Alpha is open to any non-Christian, regardless of their religious background)

L: Learning and Laughter (Each week’s topic deals with a basic Christian topic, e.g. Week 1: Who is Jesus? So, there is a lot of learning going on!)

P: Pasta and Pudding (We don’t eat this every week, but we do have a whole team of co-workers whose only job is to prepare food for us!)

H: Helping One Another (Every attendee is placed into a small group and over the season the goal is that the group members help and care for each other)

A: Ask Anything (The attendees are encouraged to ask anything they want- in Alpha there are no wrong questions!)

So, for this next season we are combining elements of both our previous 3E Classroom ministry and the Chinese Alpha course to make a 3E Bilingual Alpha! We are excited and expecting God to do great things! 

This weekend was spent with our co-workers on a retreat where we fellowshipped together, prepared our hearts and minds for another season of ministry, and prayed for those who will attend. Pray with us that the Lord will use the new Bilingual Alpha to reach many for His Kingdom!

Bilingual Alpha Retreat_girl co-workers

Schindler Update 2009_09_09


September 9, 2009

Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! Is anyone else wondering where the summer went to? It seems like it was just June and now we are well into September! The month of August was full of endings and new beginnings. We concluded level 4 of our Chinese studies, as well as ended the 10 week Alpha course at church. We began preparing for the next season of 3E which will begin on September 19 and entered into level 5 at school, with a new teacher and new classmates. It’s been a busy and challenging month, but the Lord’s faithfulness keeps us going!

Prayer Requests: 

  • As many of you know, Taiwan was hit hard by Typhoon Morakot on August 8th and 9th. The southern part of the island was majorly affected and much damaged was caused. Please continue to pray for those affected, and for the Church to grow stronger in southern Taiwan through the testimony of Christian relief workers.
  • Alicia, an American girl, is living with us during her 3 month stay in Taiwan. Please pray for her Chinese studies and that God will clearly show her if Taiwan is where she is to serve long-term.
  • We are planning a home assignment (first in the States and then in Germany) from early November-mid January 2010. Out of the needed $5,000 to cover travel expenses, to date we have received $3,500- praise God! Please continue to pray for the remaining funds to come in.



  • The last week of August we enjoyed a much needed vacation together. We went South (to a part not majorly affected by the typhoon) and enjoyed the sun and water for 5 days. Thank the Lord for times of relaxation and refreshment!
  • We already have 10 Seekers registered for our upcoming 3E Classroom! Pray for more interested people to sign up.

We are so thankful for our faithful network of prayer warriors and supporters around the globe! May God bless each of you for your service and dedication to Him! 

Keep checking our website: www.crossing7.com/reachtaiwan for pictures and other information!

For the Glory of God,

Erich and Kelley Schindler


How's the language coming, anyways?

As most of you know, most of our time these days is devoted to learning the Chinese language. We are enrolled in a local university located right in the center of Taipei, and it is rated as one of the best centers for learning the Mandarin language in all of Asia. Last week we began our fifth term, each term spanning a three month time period. Every term we have a new teacher and some new classmates. This term we were placed with two people who we have been classmates with before, one guy for six months already. So, it’s fun going to class everyday seeing people who have become familiar faces and friends. The school is quite the international place, enrolling students from over sixty countries. In our class of seven students four different countries are represented: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and America.  Many of our classmates have no or a very limited English speaking ability, so the only way we can communicate with each other is in Chinese- which is great practice and fun!

So, as of now, we can read, speak, and write around 1200 Chinese characters. Each week we add approximately 40 new characters to our vocabulary. I think we would both agree that learning this language is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding challenges, we’ve ever encountered. We daily thank God for His help in learning this language and pray that He’ll continue to use our mumbled-jumbled Chinese for His glory!

Daily Homework