A Sweet Note

One of the biggest encouragements to us is when our friends or Seekers from 3E take the time to write us a note or email. Their words are always so uplifiting and make us smile. One of the things that make their notes so special is that they usually try and write to us in English. Therefore, their notes provide us with a lot of laughs as the English they try and use is not the way we normally talk. Here’s an example from a friend of ours. His English name is “Ocean” and we met him at 3E. He has recently made a decision to follow Christ and is now attending our church’s Alpha course. He came over to our apartment last Sunday and here is the email we received from him later in the week:

Dear Kelly and Erich.

I am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality
accorded to me during we recent visit to your sweet home.

During the entire visit, I sincerely hope we could have more
exchanges like Easter day when we would be able to continue our
interesting discussion on possible ways to expand our bilateral life
and trade relations and bring our friendly friends together.

Finally I am looking forward to next meeting when I received
during my memorable stay in everywhere.

God bless you.

Sweet, right? You gotta love living here 🙂



Ocean is the 2nd one from the left 🙂

Church culture

Our Taiwanese pastor (whose English name is “Moses”) asked a group of young believers the following question recently: “Name one thing you think is part of our church culture.” Here are some of the responses:

Cell groups, prayer groups, ALPHA course, loving fellowship, quiet time sharing, Love Net, sharing the Gospel, spiritual adoption, deliverance prayers, new life course, 3E Fellowship, encouraging believers to serve, weekly 6am Saturday morning prayer meetings, discipleship, …

A few of the new believers attending this particular meeting were young people who had found faith in Christ through our 3E Fellowship. I was so pleased to hear them mention 3E as part of our church’s culture 🙂

We are aware that it would be a good idea to further explain some of the different elements of the Truth Church culture mentioned above, to give you more insight into our daily church life. But instead of writing a long post on the different activities and values of our church, why don’t you just leave a comment on this post asking about a specific item that you would like us to explain. We’ll then respond to your comment on this blog, and we can have a small conversation that way 🙂

Truth Church group photo

Pastor Moses is the tall man in the center back, just to the left of Rick, our good friend and 3E co-worker.

Next 3E Classroom Starts September 4th !

Dear Friends,

We wanted to let all of our prayer partners in the US and around the world know that the next 3E Classroom Season will start this September 4th, and run for 11 weeks through November 14th.

There remain many things to be done, from creating an invitation flyer to recruiting new Taiwanese Christians to be our co-workers, to writing all-new curriculum…

Please continue to pray that our multinational co-worker team has unity, works with efficiency, and most importantly, that we effectively show forth the love of Christ!

As always, thanks to every one of our faithful supporters! Without your backing we would not be able to invest in this ministry.

– Erich and Kelley

P.S.: For those who are not clear about what our 3E Ministry is all about, we encourage you to check out this page of our blog for a more detailed description.

Schindler Update 2009_06_08

June 8, 2009

Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! The month of May was a full and busy month for us. Since our last update we have taken and passed another achievement test in our Chinese class, said good bye to friends who moved away and hello to friends new to Taipei, attended a course at church (all in Chinese!) to be trained as ALPHA co-workers, continued meeting with and building relationships with 3E Seekers, and of course studied a lot of Chinese! Weve been blessed beyond measure at the Lords goodness in our lives and daily thank Him for giving us the privilege of serving here!

Prayer Requests:

  • Our 3E spring season is now over, but we are encouraging our group members to join our church’s ALPHA course, which begins June 20. This course will introduce them to the basics of the Christian faith and give them an opportunity to ask any questions they have. We will both be serving in small groups as helpers, so please pray for wisdom and strength, especially as it will be all in Chinese.
  • There are several people (foreigners) who are planning to move to Taipei in the summer/early fall. Our pastor has given us the responsibility to care for them, so please pray for us to know how best we can integrate them into ministry and provide for their needs.
  • We continue to need monthly support. Please pray for our remaining need of $580/month.


  • With our language skills increasingly improving we are having more and more opportunities to serve here. Thank the Lord for His help in learning this language and for the chances He gives us to serve Him!
  • 18 of our 3E spring season Seekers are actively pursuing a relationship with Christ through different means. Pray for them to continue making steps toward a relationship with Christ.

We hope and pray you all are doing well! Thanks for your continued love, encouragement, and support you shower on us! Also, please remember to keep checking our website at: www.crossing7.com/reachtaiwan.

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler