Schindler Update 2009_02_17

February 17, 2009

Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! The middle of February is already upon us, and we continue to stay busy with our language study and ministry at Taipei Truth Church. We currently both attend Chinese cell groups each week, which provide us good times to get to know other Taiwanese Christians and practice our language! In addition, every Monday evening we hold an English speaking cell group at our home, open to any English speaker who attends Truth Church. Currently, there are 9 of us in the group.

Prayer Requests:

  • The second season of 3E Classroom had its kick-off this past Saturday, the 14th of February. About 40 Taiwanese Seekers are attending this 11-week season.
    Please pray they will be faithful in coming and that their hearts will be opened to the Gospel.
  • Please continue to lift up the Seekers that attended last season of 3E Classroom. Many have or are currently attending follow-up groups, in which they are studying the basics of the Christian faith. Pray especially for courage to follow through with baptism, despite the misgivings of some of their Buddhist family members.
  • We continue to need monthly support. Please pray for our remaining need of $725/month.


  • We both scored over 90% on our second achievement test for our Chinese studies. We were tested on our knowledge of speaking, writing, listening, and reading 500+ Chinese characters, so we are quite pleased with our results!
  • This coming Sunday, Chloe, a friend of Kelleys who accepted Christ during the last season of 3E Classroom will be baptized. Praise the Lord for His work in her life and pray that she can be a positive example to her unbelieving family members.
  • This Friday, the 20th, we will welcome Kelleys mom for a 12 day visit. We are very excited for her to come!

Please continue checking our website for more frequent information and pictures. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support you show us in many ways!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler


Great Things Are Happening!

Last Saturday, February 14, we kicked off our second season of 3E Classroom. For this season, we again have around 40 Seekers registered. The Lord has blessed us with both new English teachers and Taiwanese co-workers for this season. Several of our Taiwanese co-workers from last season decided not to join a new group this time, but are continuing to follow-up the Seekers from last season. We are so thankful for their committment in follow-up and continue to pray for the seeds that have been planted.

Also, last week we had our second achievement test for our language study. This was quite a big test and tested our knowledge in listening, speaking, and writing approximately 500+ Chinese characters. We are pleased to announce that we both scored over 90%! We are enjoying our language study immensely and are thankful for good Taiwanese friends who are patience to practice with us!

This coming Sunday, Chloe, Kelley’s good friend for over 2 years will be baptized! You may remember from a previous post that Chloe and Kelley met weekly when we lived here before, and when we moved back last year Chloe joined our first season of 3E Classroom. During that season she accepted Christ, and we are thrilled at the way she is growing in the Lord! Continue to pray for her as faces challenges from her family regarding her decision to become a Christian.

So, that is a little update from this side of the world. The Lord is doing great things here and we are so blessed to be able to have a part in HIS amazing work!

Thanks for tracking with us! We appreciate you all!

A Big Thank-you!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We wanted to say thank you to all the generous partners who gave beyond their regular financial support for us during the Christmas season! For both December and January our support level was at around 90%! This is a great blessing since it enables us to pay for our Chinese classes as we enter Level 3 in March!

Also, thanks to all those who faithfully check this ministry website! Since December 1, 2008 we have had 355 visits to this site, from 70 different visitors from 7 different countries!

We thank the Lord for you often, and look forward to another fruitful year of mutual partnership. Why not drop us a quick note letting us know how we can pray for you?