Schindler Update 2008_01_05

January 5, 2009
Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings and Happy New Year from Taipei! The new year has arrived and with it come new opportunities for change, growth, and learning in 2009. Our prayer for this year is that we remain open and willing to be used and led by the Lord however He chooses. It is such a blessing that He allows us to take part in the great work that He is doing around the world!
We were able to spend a lot of time with friends during the recent holiday season, and had good chances to share with our Taiwanese non-believing friends the real meaning of Christmas. While that time of year finds us missing family and friends back home more than usual, we could not thank God more for the family He has given us here in Taipei.

Prayer Requests:

  • We are currently leading a follow-up course with our group members from last seasons 3E. We are meeting weekly to discuss Christian topics, and we continue to pray for their hears to open to the truth of the Gospel.
  • The next season of 3E will begin in February, after the Chinese New Year. Pray for the planning, registration process, and other details that are currently underway.
  • We continue to need monthly support. Please pray for our remaining need of $825/month.


  • Over 15 people from our first season of 3E accepted Christ and are being actively discipled by our Taiwanese co-workers! Praise the Lord!
  • At the end of this month we will celebrate the largest festival of the year, the Chinese New Year. That holiday will allow us a week of vacation from class and other responsibilities. We are planning a 3 day trip to the south of Taiwan and are already looking forward to this time of needed rest, being together, and relaxation.

Please continue checking our website for more frequent information and pictures. We appreciate those of you who write us emails, comments, etc., and are daily aware that what we are doing couldnt happen without the prayers from people like you.

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler

Life as of late

For the past five weeks we have been gathering with our 3E group members on Saturday afternoons for a time of looking deeper into Christian topics. We are in between 3E seasons right now, so this time has allowed us to have more in depth conversations about life topics and how to deal with them from a Christian perspective. We have had some really great conversations, and this past weekend Erich was able to share the Gospel with one lady….and he did it using mostly Chinese!

Otherwise, we are doing quite well. The weather has turned cold and when we are at home, we’re often found either bundled up under blankets, or with hats and gloves on. Because of the insulation in our apartment,  it is colder inside the apartment than outside. We plan to stop by the market tomorrow after school and buy a space heater.

Two more weeks of class and then we have a week of vacation for the Chinese New Year. We have planned a 3 day get-a-way to the south of Taiwan, which we are already very excited about!

Thanks for all your prayers and support! We are so appreciative!