Hello 2009!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have joined us in the great venture of reaching Taiwan for Christ. Here are some highlights from the past year, which you have helped to provide through prayer and financial support:

  • The past season of 3E Classroom was unanimously declared by our co-workers at Truth Church to have been the best season in the ministry’s 3+ year history!
  • Of the 30+ Seekers who attended 3E Classroom, over half have begun walking with Christ, and are preparing for baptism. Several of these attend the country’s top university, and are on track to become the country’s business and goverment leaders.
  • Since we began our Chinese studies 4 months ago, we now have basic conversational fluency, and can read and write over 500 Chinese characters.

Let’s trust the Lord together for an even more fruitful 2009!

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley


Kelley and Chloe This picture is of me and my good friend, Chloe. Chloe is a special girl. We met in the Fall of 2006 at 3E, and would meet weekly outside of 3E to study English and get to know one another. Although she had many questions about Christianity and God, she never wanted to make a commitment to the Lord, as she had strong family ties to Buddhism. We kept in touch throughout the year I was gone from Taipei, and since returning have continued meeting together. Chloe joined the first season of our new 3E and was in my group. It was obvious to me that the Holy Spirit was working in her life, and I, along with my Taiwanese co-workers, continued to answer her questions about God and faith. On November 30th, Chloe came to me and said that she had decided to become a Christian and wants to be baptized! It has been a neat experience for me watching the Lord work in her life over the last 2 years as He revealed Himself more and more to her. She needs prayers as she will most likely face opposition from her family members. Chloe is just one example of a life that has been changed through the ministry of 3E. We thank God everyday for allowing us to be a part of such a growing and effective ministry- to Him be all the glory!

3E Graduation

[img_assist|nid=166|title=Erich’s group|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=426]

The past Saturday was our final 3E for this season. We had a special graudation cermony, which included each small group presenating a song or skit in English using the new vocabulary words taught during the season, as well as testimonials from the groups saying why the Seekers enjoyed coming to 3E. It was a fun time, and encouraging to hear the Seekers say how they felt loved and accepted at 3E, and how they were thankful for the relationships they were able to build throughout the season. The next season of 3E will not begin until after Chinese New Year (beginning of February), so until then we will continue to meet weekly with our current group members to discuss more in-depth topics dealing with the Christian faith, who Jesus is, etc. We are looking forward to God continuing the good work He has began in many of the Seeker’s lives.

Fast Fact: During the past 11 weeks, over 50% of our new 3E friends accepted Jesus as their Savior. We are trusting God for even more life commitments as we continue meeting with our group members.

PRAY that the many new Christians grow quickly in their new faith!

Schindler Update 2008_12_03

December 3, 2008

Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings from Taipei! The last month of 2008 is now here, and the weather is slowly starting to feel like December. The past month of November was full of language learning, deepening relationships, and giving thanks to God for His abundant blessings. We recently returned from a retreat with our missionary organization, TEAM, and had a wonderful time getting to know fellow missionaries on a deeper level. Our hearts are full of gratitude as we think of how the Lord has so faithfully led us over the past year in bringing us back to the place and people we love so deeply.

Prayer Requests:

  • Today we beginĀ  level 2 in our Chinese classes. We will have a new teacher and classmates. Pray for continued wisdom and understanding as we study.
  • This coming Saturday marks the end of this season of 3E. A new season will not begin until after the Chinese New Year in January, so for the following 2 months we will be leading studies on basic Bible doctrines with our group members. Pray for open hearts and good discussions.
  • We continue to need monthly support. Please pray for our remaining need of $825/month.


  • A girl Kelley began meeting with 2 years ago, who is now a part of Kelleys group at 3E, made a decision to accept Christ this week! She will hopefully be getting baptized around Christmas
  • We both feel that over this year we have grown in our understanding of Gods character and His love for us. Praise the Lord that His ways are not our ways, and that He always faithfully leads us!

Please continue checking our website for more frequent information and pictures. Our prayer is that each of you enjoy this Christmas season as you celebrate the birth of our Savior! May you be filled with His peace and love. Until next year.

For the Glory of God,
Erich and Kelley Schindler

Thanksgiving 2008

Friends Friends cooking

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our church friends. Total, there were about 30 people that gathered together at Pastor Moses’s home to enjoy a delicious meal. Turkeys are hard to find here as they don’t sell them in the stores, but Pastor Moses was able to find one and it was a special treat. Taiwanese homes do not have ovens like we have in the States, so we cooked the turkey in a 25″x15″ oven. It was a great time to gather with those who have become our “family” here. God has been so good to us over this past year and we are filled with thankfulness to Him.