This Week: TEAM Retreat and 3E Classroom

It’s hard to believe that November is almost over! While it is snowing in parts of the States, we were still in short sleeves just a few days ago! From Wednesday to Friday of this week we will be attending a TEAM conference in Taichung, the third largest city in Taiwan, located in the middle of the island. We are looking forward to a time of getting to know the other TEAM missionaries, and getting a break from our Chinese classes!

This coming Saturday is the second-to-last of our 3E Classroom meetings for this season. Erich will be speaking on “Good Investments”, and teaching on the Bible story of storing up treasures in heaven, from Luke 12.

PRAY for a good time of fellowship and refreshment with our TEAM colleagues.

PRAY that our 3E Classroom season comes to a fruitful end, as more Seekers trust in Christ for their salvation.

3E Classroom last Saturday

Our last 3E Classroom was a great experience. Since we have been getting to know our group members more closely during the past six weeks, we are now able to move into deeper topics. The topic of our meeting was “Dealing with Family Conflict”. Our group members were able to open up and share very honestly about their families.
We discussed the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. Specifically, we examined what Jesus taught about the character of our heavenly Father. The concept of a God who loves all people to the point of sacrificing himself for us is an entirely foreign concept for many Taiwanese people.

PRAY that we would have opportinities to gow deeper in our friendships with Taiwanese seekers at 3E, and that we would have openness in sharing the Gospel.

Kelley and 3E friends Erich and 3E friends

Pictures from last 3E and Achievement Test Results

** We received our scores today and are pleased to report that we both did quite well on our Chinese achievement tests. Praise the Lord! This means after our current level finishes in two weeks, we may proceed to the next level without having to repeat any units. Thanks for all your prayers! **

This past Saturday was the 6th week of our 3E Classroom for this season.  We took some pictures of us with our group members right before our meeting began. We’re all becoming good friends, and plan to continue meeting after this season ends in order to study some basic Christian doctrines together.

[img_assist|nid=155|title=Kelley’s group|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=480] [img_assist|nid=154|title=Erich’s group|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=480]

Join in the harvest

We are happy to report that the Lord has brought between 12-15 new Taiwanese friends into His kingdom during the past two weeks! He has done this as a direct result of the relationships we have been building in our 3E ministry at Truth Church.

Our job now is to begin facilitating follow-up and basic discipleship between the new believers and our Taiwanese co-workers. If the English level of our new friends is good enough, we can also start studying the pre-baptism book together, called “Begin your New Life”.

PRAY for good follow-up, and for fruit that remains.