Schindler Update 2008_10_26

October 26, 2008

Dear faithful supporters,

Greetings from Taipei, where the weather is still quite hot and sunny. Walking to church this morning, it was hard to believe it was the end of the October, because we were both sweating! Another month has passed, and with each day come new challenges, growth opportunities, and rewards. One month remains of our first quarter in Chinese school, after which we will have a few days break and then begin again.

3E is going very well, and we are seeing the Lord’s hand at work in the Seekers’ lives. Yesterday, we took many 3E members on a trip to the middle of the island with our church, and had a wonderful day enjoying nature and talking outside of a church setting. On the bus ride home a Taiwanese co-worker presented the Gospel, and we are thankful for the seeds that were planted- pray for growth!

Prayer Requests:

  • On November 11 we will have an achievement test for our Chinese learning. If we pass, we can proceed to the next level, if not we will have to repeat this quarter again. Pray for wisdom and good understanding!
  • This week is a big evangelistic week in Taipei- Franklin Graham is here and is holding a festival for 4 days. Pray for open hearts and minds, especially on Saturday as we will take our 3E group members.
  • We continue to need monthly support. Please pray for our remaining need of $825/month.
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  • We had a wonderful outing yesterday and are thankful for the relationships that are deepening with our group members. Pray for more opportunities to share about Christ.
  • Last Sunday we were able to bring a classmate of ours (a Vietnamese) to church with us. He is an non-Christian, so pray we will know best how to reach out to him, as well as our other classmates.

Please continue checking our website for more frequent information and pictures. As always, thank you for your emails, comments, and prayers! We are thankful for each one of you!

For the Glory of God,

Erich and Kelley Schindler



Outing to Taichung

Yesterday, we joined a group from our church, along with many of our 3E group members on a day outing to Taichung, a city 2 hours south of Taipei. All together we had 172 people, of which 70 were Seekers! The weather was beautiful and very hot, and it was the perfect day to enjoy being in the outdoors. Our first activity was bike riding, then we enjoyed lunch at a traditional Taiwanese style restaurant, and lastly we spent a couple hours in the afternoon touring the grounds of a castle. The day provided good opportunities to talk and get to know our group members on a deeper level, and have fun with many people we don’t often get to spend time with. The 2 hour trip home gave us a chance to sing songs, watch a Christian themed video, and even share the Gospel. We are praying that the seeds that were planted yesterday will keep growing! Here is a picture gallery with some glimpses of our day.

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New picture gallery added!

Hi Everyone,

We just added a new picture gallery which tells of our recent cooking lessons. Our good friends Judy and Chris had mercy on us and began to teach us how to cook real Taiwanese food. As you will see, everything turned out well, and the results were really delicious!

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